The Money And Trade-Offs Involved In The Influencer Economy

So Walmart will work with one of these social media influencer agencies and say, we want to run a social campaign with, you know, 10 influencers between these ages that have these qualifications.You know, you can get a lot of free product and become a brand ambassador and post about that product

Former 'Bachelor' star sentenced, Don McGahn summoned before Congress: 5 things to know Tuesday

Stephanie Llamas, head of VR/AR for Nielsen’s SuperData market research firm projects Quest, will be the best-selling VR headset this year, with still relatively-modest shipments of more than 1 million units worldwide.USA TODAY Aviation workers in Italy will stage a 24-hour strike on Tuesday, a

McGahn to skip hearing as Democrats debate next steps

McGahn’s refusal to testify is the latest of several moves to block Democratic investigations by Trump, who has said his administration will fight “all of the subpoenas.” The Judiciary committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt earlier this month after he declined to provide a

Trump tells ex-counsel Don McGahn: Defy subpoena, don't testify

Also, a hearing is planned in New York on Wednesday in another case, this one involving an effort by Trump, his business and his family to prevent Deutsche Bank and Capital One from complying with subpoenas from two House committees for banking and financial records.“It is also the latest exampl

Court ruling undermines Trump's congressional blockade

The President got more potentially troubling news with the release Monday of closed-door testimony to Congress by his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen.But to stop the handover then, another court will have to step in, possibly as part of the appeals process.The President reacted to the d

President Trump Lost An Effort To Stop Democrats From Subpoenaing His Accountant

"In short, as long as there is a facially valid legislative purpose for the investigation, Congress acts within its constitutional authority.In requesting documents from Mazars, Cummings cited testimony from Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who told the committee in February that Tr

Key Democrats Call for Impeachment Inquiry Into Trump After Directing Don McGahn To Not Testify

“[Trump directing McGahn] will establish for me a pattern of ongoing effort to obstruct the investigation to impede our ability to find the truth and to gather evidence which is necessary to perform both our oversight and investigative functions,” Cicilline added.McGahn was slated to testify to

Don McGahn says he will 'respect' Trump's instructions and not testify before Congress

Associated Press Many Democratic lawmakers, as well as many former prosecutors not involved in the investigation, have said the alleged order by the president to fire Mueller and attempt to coerce McGahn to lie about it could amount to committing the crim

Trump blocks former White House Counsel Donald McGahn from testifying before Congress

“I think it’s a very important precedent,” Trump told reporters, contending that his lawyers’ efforts to prevent McGahn and other officials from testifying to Congress are intended to protect the constitutional separation of powers, not to protect him.