Anyone who wants to be prime minister should have a course of therapy first | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

Our toxic political system rewards all the wrong traits and produces the worst possible leadersWho in their right mind would want the job? It is almost certain to end, as Theresa May found, in failure and public execration. To seek to be prime minister today suggests either reckless confidence or

Meet the new John Aiken and Dr Trisha Stratford! Super Switch's 'relationship experts' to rival MAFS | Daily Mail Online

Australia's latest reality dating show Super Switch is set to debut on 7Plus on Friday.

Colorado Bans ‘Conversion Therapy’ for Minors - The New York Times

Colorado on Friday became the 18th state to ban “conversion therapy,” a discredited practice that aims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender expression.

I’m a Veteran Without PTSD. I Used to Think Something Was Wrong With Me. - The New York Times

I couldn’t understand why I was able to move on from my traumatic experiences until I joined a PTSD study.

Call for patients to be warned over potential... | Daily Mail Online

Guidance needs to reflect patient experience, the Royal College of Psychiatrists said.

Maine governor OKs ban on gay conversion therapy for minors

Maine has joined more than a dozen other states that have outlawed the controversial practice on minors.

Howard Stern says he has ‘inside information’ that Trump’s run for office was publicity stunt | Fox News

Radio host Howard Stern on Thursday doubled down on his theory that President Trump ran for president in 2016 for a better deal from NBC for his show "The Apprentice," and said he has inside information that confirms Trump’s motivation.<img src="

Mother, 33, has not left her house in FIVE YEARS after developing postnatal anxiety | Daily Mail Online

Jennie Oneill, 33, of Hull, was dropping her eldest daughter Olivia, now ten, and stepson off at the school gate in 2014 when her legs turned to 'jelly' and panic 'ripped through her body'.

TV therapists NIK and EVA SPEAKMAN reveal their tips to combat stress | Daily Mail Online

NIK and EVA SPEAKMAN: Doctors fear we are facing an anxiety epidemic, with more than eight million cases being reported each year in the UK alone.

Busting the myth that depression doesn't affect people in poor countries | Society | The Guardian

For decades, many psychiatrists believed depression was a uniquely western phenomenon. But in the last few years, a new movement has turned this thinking on its head. By Tina RosenbergWhen Vikram Patel first began to study mental health, he believed depression only existed in rich nations.

What is cognitive behavioral therapy and how does it work?

CBT aims to uncover unhelpful or problematic ways of thinking in order to change unwanted or unhealthy behaviors.

A Psychotherapist Analyzes Her Patients’ Stories — and Her Own - The New York Times

The psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb draws on her patients’ stories, and her own, in her new memoir.

Antidepressant prescriptions in England double in a decade | Society | The Guardian

NHS figures reveal 70.9m items to treat depression and anxiety were given out in 2018There were more than 70m prescriptions for antidepressants in England last year, figures show.A total of 70.9m items to treat conditions including depression and anxiety were given out in 2018, acco

Antidepressant prescriptions in England hit 70m | Daily Mail Online

The number has almost doubled in a decade.

Can What We Eat Affect How We Feel? - The New York Times

Alleged victims of Malka Leifer frustrated at testimony of ‘questionable characters’ in Israel | Australia news | The Guardian

Israeli court deciding if Leifer fit to be extradited to face charges of rape and child sex abuse allegedy carried out at Melbourne ultra-orthodox Jewish schoolAlleged victims of the accused child abuser Malka Leifer have expressed their frustration at “questionable characters” being calle

Top chronic fatigue researcher QUITS because online trolls are 'too hostile' | Daily Mail Online

Dr Andrew Sharpe of Oxford University published one of the largest studies to-date on chronic fatigue syndrome, but activists trolled him so much online that he is quitting the field of study.

A Top Scorer Changes the Definition of the Complete Player - The New York Times

Of Civil Wars and Family Feuds: Brexit Is More Divisive Than Ever - The New York Times

A march in favour of Brexit in London last year. Like the election of President Trump, Britain’s 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union crystallized existing divisions in society.

How to break up with your therapist (and learn something from it)

Don't "ghost" your therapist — use the situation as a learning experience ... for both of you.

PFA reports huge increase in players asking for help... | Daily Mail Online

The Professional Footballers´ Association says 438 current and former players accessed its counselling services in 2018, up from only 160 in 2016.

Republican lawmakers push to ban 'gay conversion therapy' in Utah

The plan that's been hailed as a milestone by advocates and won't be opposed by the influential Mormon church.

Dr. John Gunderson, 76, Dies; Defined Borderline Personality Disorder - The New York Times

Dr. John G. Gunderson in 2010. His research helped establish borderline personality disorder as a stand-alone diagnosis.

Give patients with late-life depression better access... | Daily Mail Online

Researchers have called for elderly patients to have better access to treatments such as talking therapies.

Why men send photos of their genitalia to women - CNN

She's sitting in a crowded subway car, zipping through email messages on her phone and minding her own business when it appears: a photo of a man's penis.

A self-help manual which claims to help you de-stress in TEN minutes is loved by celebrities | Daily Mail Online

Self-help manual, Ten to Zen, by Owen O'Kane from Belfast which claims to help you de-stress in just TEN minutes has celebrity fans - including Ferne Cotton, Eamonn Holmes and Joe Wicks.

Without more staff, the NHS plan will fail. GPs will have to pick up the pieces | Zara Aziz | Society | The Guardian

Government long-term plans for the health service promise a lot, but success depends on having enough people to implement itThis week, the government’s much anticip

The NHS 10-year plan: what we already know | Society | The Guardian

From a mental-health overhaul to advances in diabetes care, here are the changes already announcedAs the government prepares to unveil its 10-year-plan for the NHS on Monday, here are some of the details we already know about. <a href="