Millions View Instagram Privacy Policy Hoax Shared by Rick Perry, Megan Rapinoe, Usher, and Julia Roberts

In addition to Perry's account, Instagram handles for actor Rob Lowe, musician Usher, and U.S. women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe also shared and later deleted the Instagram policy hoax, amplifying the false message to their combined millions of followers.When asked where the viral, fake privacy

What Is The "Instagram Rule" About Photo Sharing? Niall Horan, Pink, And Other Celebrities Are Posting It

As Staci Zaretsky, a senior editor of the “behind-the-scenes look at the world of law” website Above The Law who, among other things, holds a degree from the Western New England University School of Law, wrote when this version of the hoax came back in January, “By the way, the Rome Statute?<b

Facebook Finally Gives Us Answers On That Viral Instagram Hoax (Sort Of)

“There’s no truth to this post,” Facebook spokesperson Stephanie Otway told HuffPost in an emailed statement.Facebook made some tweaks to its privacy policy in 2012, and in November of that year, it revoked users’ ability to vote on proposed changes to its policies and terms of service.Users

A viral Instagram hoax dupes A-listers - and the man overseeing our nuclear arsenal

The social media site does not own content you post, it explains, but it has royalty-free license to "host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate, and create derivative works of your content," depending on your privacy settings.The Rome Statute established th

Instagram says there's "no truth" to new hoax post, so don't share it

Now I stop you because this was also on channel 13 news!"Instagram has discredited a widely circulated post falsely claiming the social platform has changed its privacy policy.The hoax, which has been shared by several celebrities, requests users to re-share it to stop Instagram from using y

Why does everyone keep falling for that Instagram and Facebook hoax?

The easy answer: Billions of people use the internet and there’s no way for everyone to know what’s already made the rounds, or what looks legitimate and what does not.A spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, also issued a statement to the media debunking the post.“There’s no truth

Why You Can Ignore That Instagram Privacy Hoax

Put differently, there is no shortage of causes for concern about privacy on social media these days."Court cases" and "litigation" sound scary, but there's no articulated reason why Instagram might want to to sue you.(Most state legislatures have adopted some or all of the UCC since it was

An Instagram hoax just duped Julia Roberts, Rob Lowe — and the person overseeing our nuclear weapons

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry was also duped, much to the delight (and terror) of some people on social media.Once he realized he had been tricked, Perry made light of the situation.In a statement to Yahoo Entertainment, company spokesperson Stephanie Otway confirmed the viral message is fa

That Instagram Post Everyone Is Sharing Is Just Another Viral Hoax

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John Mayer Just Trolled Every Celeb Who Bought Into That Instagram Hoax

"I give Instagram the express right to publish, distribute and/or sell any or all of my digital content posted to the account @johnmayer as they see fit, including but not limited to: *My world famous meatloaf recipes *Joe Camel fan fiction *Fight Club film flubs *Photographs of sinks *Drawings of J

Instagram Chief Debunks Copyright Apocalypse Hoax as Spread Reaches Top Levels of Government

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, Pink, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, and Rob Lowe are just a few of the prominent people who spread the message to their millions of followers The meme is a screenshot of a warning about Instagram changing its privacy policy.“Heads up!” Mosseri posted in his In

Celebrities post old chain letter hoax en masse, proving they're as bad at the internet as your parents

All of us ordinary people living in our hovels, collecting dirt into our hands, and spitting on it to sculpt model houses of the kind we’ll never be able to afford, often feel as if we’re impossibly far beneath the rich and powerful celebrities who dominate our culture.Fortunately, sometimes thi

Did You Fall For That Instagram Privacy Hoax? You're Not Alone.

But this time around, celebrity engagement had a big, messy hand in spreading the misinformation.Among the offenders: Scooter Braun, Judd Apatow, Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts, Taraji P. Henson, Wacka Flocka Flame, , head of the Department of Energy, all of whom posted the message, some with a

Why do celebrities keep falling for this viral Instagram hoax?

“I think those of us who are steeped in internet culture and paying attention to what happens on social media forget sometimes that not everybody else is as deep into this,” said Irina Raicu, director of the Internet Ethics Program at Santa Clara University.“We all see very different versi

Instagram terms-of-service hoax: Who benefits?

Why would someone push this message to be spread across social networks?Just a few moments can save you, and future generations, a lot of digital pain in the near and distant future.All you need to do is copy a key part of a given message and do a search.Posting the text, copy-pasting th

Rick Perry Deletes Instagram Privacy Policy Hoax After Widespread Mockery

First time I've seen anything fake on the internet!!""Perhaps the person who explained to you what the Department of Energy does could also go over some copyright basics?"I do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, messages or p

An Old Instagram Hoax Fools a Bunch of Celebrities

At the time, people worried the changes would allow the companies to do anything they wanted with their users’ content; the memes were meant as a Hail Mary attempt to stop that from happening.An Instagram spokesperson told Women’s Wear Daily Tuesday that “there’s no truth to this post.” When rea

Rick Perry, The Man In Charge Of American Nuclear Weapons, Fell For An Instagram Hoax

"First time I’ve seen anything fake on the internet!!The message also falsely claimed that any Instagram user who objected to the change could repost the message in order to stop the company.In what is essentially the Instagram version of forwarding a chain email, the former Texas governor,

Instagram debunks viral meme that it will soon use your photos against you

"Now I stop you because this was also on channel 13 news!"Instagram's parent company, Facebook, has also been under scrutiny for more for its after it allowed a political data firm that worked for Donald Trump's presidential campaign to improperly access data on 87 million people.John Ma

'I'll be darned!' Rick Perry — who oversees US nukes — fooled by Instagram hoax

Click to donate by check.Like you, we here at Raw Story believe in the power of progressive journalism — and we’re investing in investigative reporting as other publications give it the ax.“First time I’ve seen anything fake on the internet!The poorly worded “legal” notice is similar to

Channel 13 News Instagram Update: Celebrities Share Hoax

“Don’t forget today start the new day of a hoax people fall for in the internet” the comedian wrote, “If you want to stop this you must repost this message which is a real contract and you can tell it it very real because the grammar and speling is perfect.” He continued, mocking the cadence, missp

Blogger faces backlash over 'staged' photos taken during motorcycle accident

ALSO SEE: 'I haven't met anyone like her': Texas man's ad to find Toronto woman goes viral Mitchell, who has more than 210,000 Instagram followers, wrote a lengthy caption describing the “scary, magical series of events” that left her without serious injuries and only minor cuts burns.The photo

Instagram influencer defends decision to share photos of her motorcycle accident

Many people began sending her well wishes, but others accused her of "glamorising" the whole thing for likes on social media.I really was injured and had to recover.Friends were by my side, strangers called an ambulance, waited while I was checked out and then gave me a ride home.As part

5 things to know before you buy Instagram followers

‘Buy Instagram followers’ requires you find a reputed service provider online and then ask for a comprehensive plan.This research must include, pros and cons of buying Instagram followers, the best service providers available in the market, how to check the quality of followers and authentic fol

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 28 Cast Announcement on 'GMA': How to Watch, What Time and What Channel

Season 28 of Dancing With the Stars premieres Monday, Sept. 16 at 8 p.m.

Instagrammer Called Out For 'Faking' Motorbike Accident Pics, Tiffany Mitchell Defends Her Actions

Tiffany Mitchell defends Insta post (Photo Credits: Instagram) It is difficult to believe anything that you see on the internet these days.A Nashville-based influencer named Tiffany Mitchell has been criticised for shooting her own motorbike accident pictures and posting them on her profile.<br

Instagram influencer forced to defend 'photo shoot' of motorbike accident

Lifestyle blogger Tiffany Mitchell shared pictures of her injuries from the motorbike crash.You can also follow us on Facebook, download the Yahoo News app from iTunes or Google Play and stay up to date with the latest news with Yahoo’s daily newsletter.The influencer said she disclosed each

Bella Thorne reveals how she was 'molested her whole life' in emotionally charged Instagram post

'And if it's not him I just look for the 'next' him, or her Why can't I just look for the next me?'Over and over I waited for it to stop and finally it did.'Was it because I was molested my whole life,' she wondered.Addressing her troubled past, the former Disney Channel actress, 21, rev

Instagram 'influencer' Tiffany Mitchell accused of staging artsy shots of her own motorbike crash that she insists was real

AN Instagram "influencer" has been accused of staging artsy shots of her own motorbike crash - but she insists her accident was real.Falling to the pavement while in motion does not leave a black stain on the skin, it leaves you scratched and bleeding.""I really was injured and had to recove

Blogger faces backlash over 'staged' photos taken during motorbike accident

Nashville-based Tiffany, who has more than 210,000 Instagram followers, wrote a lengthy caption describing the “scary, magical series of events” that left her without serious injuries and only minor cuts burns.The photo series, taken by photographer Lindsey Grace Whiddon, began with a smiling, c

Instagram influencer Tiffany Mitchell denies faking motorbike crash for likes

In a post on Wednesday, Nashville-based Tiffany Mitchell, who has 212,000 Instagram followers, said she had been accused of staging the accident, using it as a product placement opportunity with the water company, “and other things I can’t even wrap my head around”.I really was injured and had t

Instagram influencer accused of staging sponsored photoshoot of motorcycle accident

Comments on the post ranged from concerned to confused, to downright suspicious, with some fans questioning if it was a sponsored post."If my friend continued to take photos while I was lying semi-unconscious in the road, I'd be furious.I love your photos, but it's a little weird to include

Bella Thorne Opens Up About Being 'Molested My Whole Life' (NSFW)

"Why can't I just look for the next me?Is it ok to know what your end goal Is but absolutely no way or idea how to achieve it.In a lengthy Instagram post, Bella Thorne revealed that she was molested her "whole life."Was it because I was molested my whole life," she wrote.It's probabl

'Dancing With the Stars' 2019 Cast Rumors & GMA Reveal Date

But, since Gronk is retired, he could have some time on his hands to compete.Us Weekly reported that a small beauty mark on a released mystery photo has exposed Brown as a contestant.So, there’s a chance that the rumor will just continue to be a rumor.With her success on The Masked Singe

Bella Thorne Says She Was 'Molested My Whole Life' In Breast-Baring Instagram Post

And if it's not him I just look for the "next" him, or her Why can't I just look for the next me?11 hours ago Bella Thorne has been doing some soul-searching on social media, and on Tuesday she posted a topless photo of herself along with a lengthy comment containing a startling revelation: t

FTC chairman says Facebook merging with Instagram and WhatsApp will make it difficult to break up

These plans would allow users of the different apps to send messages to each other via a unified messaging system.Following these reports, Zuckerberg has also shared his future vision for Facebook and said that one of the core principles will be “interoperability” which he describes as: “People

Is the Big Tech Anti-Trust Probe Already Ending?

Before those efforts seem to have even gotten off the ground, the investigation seems to be backtracking.The TFC chief also acknowledged it would be hard to get the courts to reverse a merger that the FTC itself had already approved, which is the case with Facebook and its acquis

FTC Chairman: Facebook's Integration with Instagram, WhatsApp Could Complicate Antitrust Measures

A separate report that a group of state attorneys general might launch their own antitrust investigation of big tech, believing that Silicon Valley companies could be engaging in anticompetitive behavior.The consumer protection agency has reportedly started investigating whether Facebook’s acqu

Merging Instagram And WhatsApp Could Affect Facebook Crackdown

It remains to be seen if Facebook will tighten up its security measures on the two apps if the merger pushes through.Facebook is set to pay a settlement fee of $5 billion in a bid to resolve the government's investigations into the firm's privacy policies and data-gathering practices.Earlier

FTC Chair kicks off race to tackle big tech before it's too late

The threat of legal action could be very worrying for Silicon Valley, with a number of the lawyers already suggesting they do not like the way the digital economy is evolving, with the concentration of power one of the biggest problems.Another interest element to consider are the lawyers.Thi

Facebook may have perfect defense to prevent break up

A serious threat to our democracy.” Simmons' comments come after Facebook revealed last month the FTC was looking into its social media, digital advertising and mobile applications businesses.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESS Earlier in July, the FTC approved a record $5 billion settlement

The Government Wants a 'Red Flag' Social Media Tool. That's a Terrible Idea.

Did anyone truly believe that the government cares about our privacy on social media?In Germany, posts that are clearly critical or satirical are taken down by proactive social media monitoring systems.These spur the activation of "fusion centers," tactical teams which use "early notificatio

Dodgy tan lines and flashing my privates… what happened when I tried Oh Polly's Demi Rose swimwear

"With the latest swimwear trends getting higher and skimpier, the desire to have most of the bikini line hair removed is a popular choice for women heading to the beach.I’m scared to move.The prices – starting at £22 for a rose gold thong bottom – also aren't entirely out of reach for us mer

Demi Rose squeezes bombastic curves into barely-there gold string bikini

One chimed: “Pure gold!” A second added: “Unbelievably beautiful…” And a third exclaimed: “Too hot for words!” Known as the “String ‘em along” set, the swimwear is part of her brand-new gold and silver collection for online brand Oh Polly.Having collaborated with the label to create over 60 look

Heidi Klum reveals her wedding ring after tying the knot to rocker Tom Kaulitz

In one photo, she flashes her simple gold wedding band at the camera.

Heidi Klum Goes Nude On Her Honeymoon While Showing Off Her Wedding Ring

Heidi Klum got married once again to Tom Kaulitz in a romantic ceremony in Capri, Italty on August 2 and ever since, she has been quite frequent on social media.

Heidi Klum Posted a Topless Pic, It's as Great as You'd Imagine

Heidi Klum Instagrammed a topless photo of herself on a yacht.WITH NIPPLE!Mmmm, yes please.There’s the whole free nipple thing on Instagram.It’s great that this is Klum’s contribution.My first thought was, is this really Heidi Klum topless?I thought she was way older.You

Heidi Klum Shows Off Her Gorgeous Assets During Her Extravagant Honeymoon With Tom Kaulitz - View All Pics

Heidi Klum's honeymoon pictures (Photo Credits: Instagram) Heidi Klum is having quite a luxurious honeymoon with husband Tom Kaulitz.In fact, her honeymoon is so lush that the model is letting all the clothes slide away and is baring it all for her Instagram lens!The 46-year-old model showe

Heidi Klum has revealed the mystery designer behind her dreamy bridal gown

Almost two weeks after Heidi Klum, 46, and husband Tom Kaulitz, 29, hosted a second wedding celebration aboard luxury yacht, Christina O, in Capri, Italy on August 3, the model has finally shared who the mystery designer behind her billowing bridal gown was.Designed by Valentino for me.” Picciol

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri says app doesn't listen to conversations

"Can you help me understand how I can be having a private conversation with someone about something I'm interested in seeing or buying, and an advertisement for that will pop up on my Instagram feed," King said.On Tuesday, an interview between Adam Mosseri and CBS This Morning host Gayle King ai