Meet the cast of Banged Up: Teens Behind Bars - Korede, Hugh and Whitney

The teens are sent to Brevard County Jail, set in the rural swamplands of Florida which is one of the toughest maximum security prisons in the US.But speaking to the newspaper about his experience on the show, he said: I’d never go back to my old ways.The 17-year-old from East London spoke t

Midlands tearaway, 17, sobs during week in US jail as part of Channel 4 Banged Up Teens Behind Bars

It was the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Excluded from school for squaring up to teachers, arrested for carrying a machete-like knife and in trouble for tearing around on his motorbike, Hugh was going off the rails and heading for a life of crime.“I was excluded twice from school fo

British teenager, 17, who stole bikes and sold drugs on London's streets is shocked into turning his life around after ...

The youngster had been excluded from school, got arrested when he was 16 for carrying a machete and left education without a single GCSE to his name.The inmate was also a drug dealer and told the teens that while dealing may not seem to be a bad thing when you start, it can lead to bigger and bi