Cutting your taxes can cost more than you save. Here's what to know

You don't want to strive so hard to pare income or capital gain taxes that it leads you to make unsound decisions, in pursuit of iffy rewards<a href="" title="View image"

Congress may actually get something done – and give a boost to retirement plans | Opinion | The Guardian

The Senate is considering the Secure Act – which could benefit employees and employers – after it passed the House resoundinglyA few months ago I wrote about how a bill that could have a

YOUR MONEY-Millennials should shrug off annuities for now | Daily Mail Online

By Beth PinskerNEW YORK, June 17 (Reuters) - The days of guaranteed pensions from work are long gone, but can annuities make up the difference for...

Money Is Not Just for Men - The New York Times

Sallie Krawcheck — once a Wall Street executive, now an advocate for women investing — on how women can get their fair share.

New retirement legislation could help people in these 4 situations

Washington is looking at some key changes as part of a bipartisan retirement bill called the SECURE Act. The bill passed the House in May.<a href="" title="Vi

How to take advantage of all the uncertainty with the stock market

Stay the course, even in uncertain times.

US retirees will run out of savings nearly ten years before they die on average | Daily Mail Online

In the U.S., the average 65-year-old has enough savings to cover just 9.7 years of retirement income, according to the report published on Thursday by the World Economic Forum.

Here's how much money Americans in their 30s have in their 401(k)s

How do you stack up?

Raise your job prospects with a 10-minute fix to your social profile

Most new grads don't know these simple tricks to a great social media presence.

New House bill may change how you plan for retirement - ABC News

It's about to get complicated.

Ted Harvey: This is the key to a Trump win in 2020 (hint: it's hiding in plain sight) | Fox News

For Republicans, the left’s energy is a wake-up call.

America's retirement accounts are growing, but not fast enough

The average account value for an investor age 65 and older was $192,877.

The most important money decision new graduates should make

"The money you make can provide you freedom for life, but only if you spend less than you make."

To secure pro-worker legislation, hold politicians' feet to the fire | Steven Greenhouse | Opinion | The Guardian

Unions should draw up a Contract for the American Worker and make it clear they will only support candidates who endorse itDonald Trump will no doubt tell the world he deserves to be re-elected because the economy is “the best ever”. Never mind that <a href="https://www.washingtonpost.

Trump impeachment, health care costs, Jeopardy wins: Top columns

From Trump impeachment to ending abortion to high health care costs, here are some of our top columns this week.<img border="0" style="max-width:

Retirement approaching? Big decisions can have big effects on savings

Buying your parents' home could be a good financial move. But when you are nearing retirement age, calculate its effect on your overall savings plan.<a href="" title="Vi

Confusing Options May Be Coming to Your 401(k). It Could Cost You. - The New York Times

A bill that passed the House could open the door to complex annuities as a retirement option. But it’s hard to tell if they’re a good deal.

A few strategic moves to boost retirement income.

The more money you have in retirement, the more freedom and flexibility you'll enjoy. Here are a few strategic moves to boost retirement income.<a href="" title="View im

SEC moving to require brokers to reveal conflicts for advice - ABC News

Federal regulators are moving to require detailed disclosures from brokers to customers of their potential conflicts of interest in dispensing advice for retirement planning and other investments.

Secure Act: Congress' big chance to help workers save for retirement - CBS News

Approved overwhelmingly in the House, the Secure Act would do much to help employers and retirement savers

Risky Options May Be Coming to Your 401(k) - The New York Times

A bill that passed the House could open the door to complex annuities as a retirement option. But it’s hard to tell if they’re a good deal.

How the House Bill Would Help Retirees and Savers - The New York Times

A sampling of other changes in retirement legislation passed by the House.

YOUR MONEY-Retirement reform wants more of your tax... | Daily Mail Online

By Beth PinskerNEW YORK, May 31 (Reuters) - Saving for retirement is such a lofty goal that the U.S. government has always been willing to give tax...

Retirees are leaving these 3 states, and picking these 3 instead

Retirees are getting away from these three states and choosing the Sun Belt to help stretch out their savings and Social Security checks.<img bor

These investing strategies for your 50s and beyond can save retirement

How to cope with sparse retirement savings when you hit your 50s and beyond

College students fear they won't be able to pay their student loans

At a time when college students are billions of dollars in debt, many doubt they'll ever be able to pay back what they've borrowed on time or in full.<a href="

Millennial Money: Making 'good enough' choices can pay off | Daily Mail Online

Sometimes good enough is good enough.In a world of information overload, it's common to feel angst when making choices. You never know whether you're making...

Wealth manager to millennials: These 3 steps will help you get rich

These three steps will "change your whole life when it comes to your money," says best-selling author David Bach.

Do these five things to get to your first $10,000 even if you're broke

Millennial millionaire Grant Sabatier explains the simple steps to save up $10,000

Hardship withdrawals from your company's 401(k) when you truly need the money and can't repay it - CBS News

The rules for hardship withdrawals are strict and the costs of taking money from your future retirement can be sky-high

Key programs guide military families through complex financial matters

Being a military service member or veteran comes with a unique set of challenges. The good news is that there are government financial programs available to veterans that can help with saving, investing and building wealth over time.

Employers offer young workers ways to lessen their financial stress

Employers and their financial-company partners are focusing on student loan forgiveness, and other financial issues that can stress younger workers.<img borde

Money tips for college grads: What to do with those first paychecks

For college grads who are about to get those first paychecks, it might be tempting to overspend. Instead, plan to spend, save and invest.<img

How much money Americans have in their 401(k)s at every age

How much do you have saved?

House votes to boost retirement savings | TheHill

Bill also reverses GOP tax law changes to tax on children's unearned income, known as the "kiddie tax"

How much money Americans think is enough to be 'comfortable'

Seven figures isn't enough.

Wedding planning: Make a budget when traveling to a friend's wedding

Enjoying yourself at a friend’s wedding means taking a practical approach, and budgeting for travel and gifts from the moment the invitation arrives.<a href="

What new parents should know about financially planning for a baby

Welcoming a baby in 2019? It's time for a financial overhaul.

Food safety: 1 ton of hot dogs recalled due to metal concerns

Vienna Beef has recalled 2,030 pounds of beef hot dogs out of concerns they might contain pieces of metal, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said.<a href="" title

Whole Foods to drop plastic straws from US stores in July

Whole Foods Market is eliminating disposable plastic straws from its stores in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom in July.<img border="0" s

How to make the switch from a two-income household to just one

Whatever the reason a couple considers going from two incomes to one, the decision can be overwhelming and even frightening. However, anyone can sail through this transition with proper planning and be glad they made the change.

Millennial Money: Break free of debt without paying a... | Daily Mail Online

Samantha Ealy graduated with a bachelor's degree and $70,000 in debt. She worked multiple jobs to pay off student loans, a car, medical bills and credit...

Paying off that car loan is more painful than job-hunting

The answer to hated car payments is to take on less debt in the first place.

Discovering New Work: The Week in Classical Music - The New York Times

Heartbeat Opera and Opera Lafayette’s production of Stradella’s oratorio “La Susanna” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Boost your retirement by treating savings like a line on your budget

Saving for your retirement is not technically an expense. But if you treat it that way, you’re much more likely to do it.<img border="0" style="max-wi

Changing jobs: It's important to be financially prepared

Changing jobs can mean big life changes, too so it’s important to be financially prepared for the transition.<img border="0" style="max-wi

Let's all give our kids the gift of an investment

The concept of compounding is the most important financial lesson we can impart to our children. Only when investment gains begin to earn investment gains of their own are you truly on the path to building meaningful wealth.

Avoiding debt: Parents aren't teaching kids the dangers

Controlling debt and other healthy financial habits tend to start early in life, so parents should "have the talk" with their children.<img bord

Mutual fund fees are shrinking to record lows - CBS News

Last year saw funds take the least amount in fees ever, but a fund with the lowest fee isn't always the best one

Going, going, almost gone: Fund fees drop to record low | Fox News

The stock market keeps going higher, but fees to own funds keep going lower.